Farewell America… Hello Southeast Asia

Welcome and Ohko-oon (thank you in Khmer) for visiting my first posting…

It’s hard to believe that I hopped on a plane to fly across the ocean…traveled for 30 hours…  only to go to sleep in winter chill and wake up in the stifling heat and humidity of the tropical southeast – Cambodia.  It’s even harder to believe that I will spend the next 6 months traveling around 9 countries meeting incredible people who are making life-changing impacts in their communities whether it be protecting wildlife, providing education, or removing landmines. This blog serves to document my adventure.

The trip began with this…

Departure from DC Airport…

Spent like this in layovers…
Lounge in Taipei (note the LonelyPlanet SE Asia on a shoestring ‘bible’)

Flying over this…

Cambodian mountains

Followed by myself and 3 mosquitos (known as mUs here) hopping in a cab to here…

 And my frist meal kinda looked like this…

only kidding! It was more like this…

Stewed meat with a side of rice and a bottle of fresh pineapple juice at the local Mama’s Restaurant

The first three ESSENTIAL purchases included: Sim card, mosquito repellant, and a small mosquito net. Thank goodness mosquitoes do not have color preferences because my giant PINK net (pictures coming soon) that the storefront insisted upon (out of any color in the world) looks like a giant beacon signaling “fresh meat 0- come-and-get-it 1 time only foreign blood for all you mUs (mosquitoes)!”

My first site visit on behalf of GG comes this Saturday but until then I will be posting my adventure the next 6 months, immersing myself in the culture, and visiting many non-profit and ngo projects to show you what really is happening on the ground– about Jacqueline in the field.

GlobalGiving InTheField Traveler | Texas

Jacqueline is an InTheField Traveler with GlobalGiving and is now making her way across Southeast Asia. Jacqueline has lived all around the U.S., Central America, backpacked along Australia’s eastern coast while volunteering for the National Park Service, western Europe, and traveled around the world. You can also follow her via Twitter.

For more information about GlobalGiving, click here


3 thoughts on “Farewell America… Hello Southeast Asia

  1. Jacqueline, I am so proud of you and all the great work you are doing for our fellow friends in Cambodia. What wonderful friendships you will forge. Vickey W…..PS When you get to Thailand, please let me know. I have a friend named Mickey you should meet. Take care!

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