Getting to know Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Getting to know Phnom Penh has been an uplifiting, exciting, and adventurous few days…

A sweet-smelling flower arrangement from the National Museum

While settling into the country I have discovered 1 very important lesson: A smile goes a long way.  When I go around trying to blend in/big city style where smiling is NOT a way to blend in… I rarely received any help… but when I reverted back to my old southern ways and started smiling, everyone was more than obliged to lend a helping hand despite the language and cultural barrier. Toto… we are not in New York anymore.

Secondly: When walking across the street, no matter how hectic, lack of law, or traffic coming at you… DO NOT RUN. I found out from a local expat that locals have learned to navigate around pedestrians no matter how fast they are coming at you… and running will throw all of the “order” into chaos. (I hope to post some videos of this later).

Third: Social Enterprises are not a new concept here… there are many and thriving. One specific place (which I will share pictures)is a cafe that benefits a local non-profit providing training for those in poverty.

Now for what I have discovered thus far…

If you have EVER lost ANYTHING in your life… here is where it ended up  – the winding aisles of the Orussey Market. Also I would like to mention that you will be the ONLY foreigner wandering around the endless number of stalls. And you will be stared at. But like I said… a smile and kindness go a long way here.

This is the typical stance of resting TukTuk drivers…minus the bellybutton out. Apparently an exposed bellybutton has to do with balancing Chi.


At the gorgeous National Museum- unfortunately pictures were not allowed inside so the courtyard will have to do


Where to go to get a great meal while supporting a local organization – Le Cafe du Centre, one of the few training restaurants for Friends NGO

Until next time… Once I figure out how to post videos… and after my first project visit tomorrow morning!

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