A Floating Village Adventure: Installing Solar Energy with Yejj

Sleeping in a hammock, staying in a floating village, solar electricity, floating pig farms, straw roofs, bucket showers, and squat toilets… this was my adventure with Yejj in Phat Sanday Cambodia.

What is Yejj? Yejj is providing an alternative energy source to floating villages that don’t have access to electricity or running water – in this case solar electricity. Yejj Solar’s goal is “to break the negative poverty cycle created by lack of access to modern energy services”.

Bright and early March 8 I departed with Daniel from Yejj to a floating village in Phat Sanday.  We met with Yejj staff Sovannara and Live&Learn Staff Daneath to install solar lighting to 10 families who have neither access to electricity nor running water.  We also would be training 2 entrepreneurs to begin selling the solar packs to these villages.
Here was my experience…

Why set up entrepreneurs?

By setting up local entrepreneurs, Yejj is creating a sustainable model for offering alternative energy in a work to earn system encouraging community investment… moving away from the aid dependency model where items are only given. With Yejj’s model, they hope to that starting at a subsidized price, eventually the solar packs will rise up to an unsubsidized market price increasing the villages’ livelihoods to have electricity but also economically.

To read more about the impact go to: GlobalGiving Site Visit Report


One thought on “A Floating Village Adventure: Installing Solar Energy with Yejj

  1. My dear Jackie: I think you better start writing a book with all your pictures and adventures. Wow !!!
    I always tell my family … your family, about your activities and some of the good things you are doing for so many people …people that need you so much. I am PROUD of you.
    Are you feeling better. Hope so. LOVE

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