Announcing my Birthday #GIVE25 Campaign!

I would like to announce my Birthday #GIVE25 Campaign for projects I have visited breaking cycles of poverty!

Upon the arrival of my big milestone birthday as well as departure from Cambodia to Vietnam… I began to reflect on what I have achieved this last quarter of a century, what I hoped to accomplish the next 25, and how could I give back to the incredible organizations projects and people I have met during this last life-changing period in Cambodia.

Well I have decided to put my trainings and workshops to good use and gather my own networks to support me, support organizations making a difference on the ground. Drive projects committed to breaking the cycle of poverty, creating opportunity for children so they don’t have to start working as soon as they start walking, and building a solid foundation for adults and children alike to begin to have hope.

From March 28 until April 28 – create a brighter future for the youth, families, and projects I have personally visited by giving at least $25 to reach a goal of $5000.


Let’s begin…


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