What people are saying…

What people are saying about my posts…

Via Twitter: “@JackyJarei thx for the great report and pics from DEPDC. It warms my heart knowing these children will have a shot at a better future.”-@mwang25

“Whilst we of course value greatly the funds that are coming in,
we hold equally dear to our hearts this partnership we have with GlobalGiving.
And we esp thank Jackie for translating the virtual cyber communications into a meaningful human relationship!
Much appreciation and best regards,
Boon Hock” – after a current partner site visit in Melaka Malaysia

“For us in the United States, landmines are things just seen in movies. Unfortunately, they aren’t just props for many people. How scary it would be to live in place where, at any time, you could literally make your final move. I think it’s awesome that there are dedicated people who are removing these landmines and helping to better the lives of people one “life stick” at a time.” – Rachel, http://www.whatsmypart.com

“Thank you so much for this update. I have given to this cause and it is wonderful to know that it is making a difference in real people’s lives. Thank you again.” – Patricia, on update about Kasumisou Foundation

“Thank you very much
Jacqueline for your nice story
about Cambodia and HFCA. I wish you best luck!
Hope see you next time.” -Chandara Seng, HFCA Assistant Manager

“Wildlife Alliance would like to thank Global Giving for their visit. Read about their wonderful experience below. And remember to visit the Wildlife Alliance page at http://www.globalgiving.org to donate!” -Wildlife Alliance LinkedIn Profile

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